specially designed for Vessel Tank Cleaning. We take this liberty to announce us only one exclusive, professional and experienced Tank Cleaning Company in Bangladesh. Except us, Bangladesh has no professional Ship Tank Cleaning Company.

Our tank cleaning division furnished with modern equipments,Professional Expert, Skilled Cleaning Labour. We maintain all safety procedure during tank cleaning as per explosive rules. We had been performed many of VLCC, SCRAP TANKER and various types of scrap and trading Tanker Vessels at Chittagong Outer Anchorage without any accident.

Tank Cleaning Equipments:

We provide all necessary equipments for tank cleaning and All
equipments and hoses should be tested for electrical continuity in a dry condition prior to use .

Gas Measuring Equipment:

In order to maintain a proper control of the tank
atmosphere and to check the effectiveness of gas freeing, a number of gas measuring
instruments should be available on the ship.

Portable Tank Washing Machines and Hoses

The outer casing of portable machines should be of a material which on contact with the internal
structure of a cargo tank will not give rise to an incentive spark.

Removal of Sludge, Scale and Sediment

Equipment to be used for further tank cleaning operations, such as the removal of solid residues
or products in tanks which have been gas freed, should be so designed and constructed, and the
construction materials chosen, that no risk of ignition is introduced.


A responsible officer must supervise all tank cleaning and gas freeing operations.


Before and during tank cleaning we ensure by responsible officer that tanks are gas free and eligible for man entry. All personnel on board should be notified that tank cleaning or gas freeing is about to begin.